The Bull

He sat on my buffet since Deacon Mike dropped him off two months ago. In passing Mike on one of my Tanner walks I mentioned that the missing ears might be able to be repaired with polymer clay but they’d need some type of armature to hold/mold the parts in place. Mike delivered.

My first sculpture repair job! How? Search online to see what this creature originally sported for ears. Come to find out she is a he and also had horns (both of which were missing through years and years of creche duty each Christmas Season in the Nativity scene at Mike’s parish).

Yesterday the project started in earnest. The ears and horns rebuilt, cured in the oven, cooled, and promptly broke when handled.

Repair job. Gel glue, more layers of clay, careful contouring, highlights with mica powders and Art-C wax. Re-cure for another hour. Looks like this did the trick. Minor hairline along joined area of one horn got a shot of E-6000 (a most adhesive of adhesives) and we may have returned the Bull to the manger for years of proud duty.

Thanks to a good friend, Deacon Mike, for trusting me with this project. Sculpture was never on my radar as three-D seemed way beyond my skill level.

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